Roasted crispy seaweed - kim gui김구이

Other Staple Korean Ingredients

These sheets of roasted crispy seaweed are sold in little packs already cut up (as per the photo) or in full sheets, the size you would buy to make sushi, ready for you to cut up yourself. They are brushed with sesame oil and sprinkled with a little salt before pan frying until deliciously crispy. They are used cut into thin strips to add flavour and texture to dishes, or in little sheets they are commonly wrapped around rice with the aid of your chopsticks to create a little crispy seaweed parcel. They are also great as a snack, like a packet of crisps, only healthier! Once opened they loose their crispiness rather quickly, so only open what you need and if you have any left over store them in an airtight container.

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